Cathay Pacific Airways launch new campaign

With the current economic crisis, airlines are trying their best to lure passengers with various new campaigns and schemes. Take for instance Cathay Pacific Airways that has come up with new cabin designs not just for its business class passengers but also for all three classes. This integrated campaign has been launched in the Philippines and promises its passengers that their needs will always come first. In the new-design First Class cabin, passengers can enjoy luxurious suites that are designed with exacting attention to detail and interiors that promise to give you the utmost comfort and relaxation. The special paneling ensures that the seats provide you comfort in different positions. Passengers traveling Business Class can look forward to some pampering with the ‘one-button’ command that lets you enjoy the comfort of a full flatbed. The seat, which features enhanced privacy, can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the passenger. The new ‘herringbone’-seating configuration allows unrestricted aisle access from each seat. This is what we call flying the luxurious way.

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The Economy Class is also equipped with the new fixed and uniquely contoured seat that protects the personal space of passengers, allowing a passenger to recline without intruding on passengers seated behind. The exclusive LEAP Live Back feature uses office chair technology to provide active support of the spine in all positions. So every class is bound to feel special on this flight. The new designs are being installed on their current medium and long haul aircraft and by 2012 the airlines expect the designs to be featured in at least 84 aircraft. The airlines are leaving no stones unturned with their new campaign in which it has invited the public to enjoy a virtual tour at virtual flight simulator ride, with real Cathay Pacific pilots at the controls and a choice of destinations in which to land. So if you are too busy to fly at least give this virtual ride a try.

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