Not the salt pans of Bolivia, but this is Japan’s sensational ‘mirror’ beach. Instagrammers just can’t get enough of its awe-inspiring tide pools and clear shoreline.

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Love beaches? Here’s word on one of the most stunning sea paradises that you simply cannot overlook! We’re talking about Japan’s famous Chichibugahama Beach that has become one of the latest sensations on Instagram.Located outside the city of Mitoyo in Shikoku Island’s Kagawa Prefecture, the beach has garnered attention for its tide pools, which reflect the sky in a ‘mirror effect’. It has been tagged over 175,000 times on Instagram and also has its own page on the social media portal.

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So popular is the beach that it witnessed approximately 460,000 visitors in 2019. Flocked by more and more tourists with each passing day, snapshots of the beach show travelers striking poses such as jumping in the air, holding up balloons, and walking with props such as umbrellas around it.

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The destination spans one kilometer long and has gained popularity after a picture showing two children reflected in its water impressed the judges of a Mitoyo tourist authority photo competition back in 2016. Sharing their experience, Tripadvisor user ‘MarkGroenewold’ described it as a ‘pristine and gorgeous’ beach that’s an ‘iconic place for unique photography’.

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Another user, ‘Lunasolhk’ further commented, ‘The best time for all those seamless reflections of the sky is evening (sunset) with low tide. Do plan well before you visit.’ To reach Chichibugahama Beach, one can take the ‘Nio Line’ bus route from JR Takuma Station in Mitoyo or reach there directly by car.

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