Come home to the Divine at the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat in Brazil

Given the chaos of our modern day lives, a retreat is a perfect means to calm the mind and regain equilibrium in the larger scheme of things. Providing one such besought medium for soul-searching is the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Brazil. Situated in the Atlantic rainforest near the pristine town of Itacaré in Bahia, the retreat offers workshops and yoga programs to complement the ayahuasca ceremony experience. It is the perfect place to unwind and find a deeper meaning to life.

Location: The Spirit Vine Retreat Center is home to numerous spacious and comfortable bungalows located within 39 acres of lush preserved rainforest. Each unit is designed to aid peace and tranquility and help guests connect spiritually in the lap of nature. The center has a purpose-built ceremony room perched over gardens and a floral landscaped natural swimming pond. There is also a massage center as well as a common space with a dining area and an open terrace overlooking the magnificent jungle. It is situated about 7 miles from Itacaré on the coast of Bahia and only minutes away from the beautiful coastal beaches in the vicinity.

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Programs: Focused on well-being and inner balance, programs at the Spirit Vine Retreat encompass basic meditation and breath work, regular morning yoga classes, guided imagery meditations. The workshops are designed to provide tools for navigating the ayahuasca experience and the integration sessions help participants put the information from the ayahuasca ceremony into the context of their everyday life.

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Special offerings include massages, spiritual counseling and the famed ‘Ayahuasca healing’. Spread over a span of 9 or 11 days, the highlight of the course is the ayahuasca experience which is a sacred tea ceremony in which people can experience modified states of consciousness to learn more about themselves. The retreat is overseen by trained facilitators and is assured to leave you feeling lighter and in harmony with your higher self.

Price and Bookings: Prices for the Spirit Vine Retreat range between $1850 to $ 2850 (including meals) depending on the choice of accommodation and the duration of stay and can be booked directly via the official Spirit Vine Retreats Website

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