Complete with sofas and lounge, Japan is getting a Pokemon themed train

Japan has a knack for trains, be it is the super fast Nozumi bullet trains or the ultra luxury Ferrari designed Shiki-Shima train that has been sold out till 2018 the country has it all. There is also a Pokemon and You train that has been enticing young travelers till 2012. JR East the company that operates the Pikachu themed train has announced that a new design is on its way. There will be two coaches one for seating and the other for playing, staying true to the Pokemon theme the interiors will be clad in yellow and brown and feature Pikachu motifs. Guests will particularly like the playroom coach which will have themed sofas, an area for playing and big windows.

The newly designed train will enter service from the 15th of July and will ply in the region of Tohoku which was severely impacted by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

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