The chief officer of Neom bluntly says that media reports of The Line project scaling back are false. The latest progress video not only confirms that the project is on track but also showcases the rapid construction of modules, bustling with hundreds of trucks and excavators.

A top Neom City official has released a video showcasing the progress of the magnum opus, The Line. Chief Operating Officer Giles Pendleton regularly shares updates on the megaproject in a series titled ‘Neom is real.’ Part 14 of the series addressed media speculation that was rife on news of Neom scaling back on The Line. “Despite the incorrect media reporting, it’s another record month on the Line with our excavation numbers. The project is getting close to final reduced piling levels with dewatering ramping up to capacity,” said in his post titled “Neom is Real,” disproving the ‘naysayers’ again.

The video exhibited the grand scale of ongoing work in Northwest Saudi Arabia. The vast scale, the expansive swathes of land, and the relentless development visible as far as the eye can see, render The Line a divine masterpiece; such a monumental and awe-inspiring endeavor could indeed seem like the work of a higher power.

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Crown Prince MBS is clearly pioneering a new era of progress and possibility with The Line. He’s not only shattering molds and stretching imaginations but also breaking ground by integrating a myriad of industries.

Currently, the construction in these four modules, touted to be 800 m long and 500 m tall at sea level, showcases hundreds of trucks, excavators, and workers operating in remarkable synergy and discipline. It certainly warrants faith in what can be known as the world’s biggest earthworks operation. “The masterplan for The Line remains at 170 km, as we have always spoken about, and we have always maintained it will be built in phases. We are working on Phase One, which we will launch later this year. Nothing has changed. Imagine trying to build 170 km or a city for 9 million people all at once; that’s like building New York or London in one go. It’s impossible,” said Pendleton.

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Neom City is going to be a futuristic development, one that will attract a population larger than New York City’s. Not only that, internal documents from 2021 state the space offered at The Line will be 29% larger than all of the buildings in New York City put together and the size of more than 2,000 Empire State Buildings, per The Wall Street Journal. That is when this giga project will be completed; for now, rumors suggest The Line will only house fewer than 200,000 residents in the project’s first phase by 2030.

A rendering of The Line. Via Twitter / @NEOM
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