Dive for diamonds in the world’s most expensive safari

This is a safari like none other (where have we heard this before). Here is the most expensive experience in Africa – “a diamond safari to the mineral-rich west coast of South Africa”. Guests at the Edwardian-era Ellerman House who opt for the diamond safari at $16,000, can accompany divers into the depths of the ocean in the west coast of South Africa where occurs the nutrient-rich Benguela current that flows in a northerly direction of the coast. They will get to “dive for their own diamond” or wait on the boat to observe how the seabed gravel will sieve the precious gems. These can then be made into beautiful jewellery, as per request too. Charges for the diamond and jewellery remain separate (well!).

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The package is a day-long excursion. Guests will be air transferred to Port Nollot, picked in limousine and dropped at a luxury villa in Ellerman House. After the excursion, guests will be brought back to enjoy the hotel’s “signature Dom Perignon Experience” paired with a bento box-style dinner prepared by the executive chef. The safari is available from September 1, and will depend on weather conditions. Always read the fine print. Sounds like a good idea for a proposal.
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