Do you miss flying – You can now enjoy first-class airline service at home with your very own SkyCart

Are you missing air travel amid the pandemic or generally obsessed with it? Well, here to give you the feeling of being in-flight within the four walls is the SkyCart. Designed as an airline trolley used for food and beverages, the unique product is multi-purpose and surprisingly great!

Produced by a manufacturer which supplies the airlines with certified galley trolleys, the SkyCart ‘meets all specifications of airline galley carts in service on commercial aircraft – ensuring authentic aviation quality, style, and unparalleled durability’, as also stated on its official website.

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Further, the luxe cart comes in a range of colors and more quirky graphic designs, including a New York City night scene, a western landscape, or even multiple skylines. There’s also a Pan-Am vintage logo-covered model for a complete retro look, with buyers also having the option to customize the design per their liking.

On the inside, the cart features 13 runners, which can be customized with one’s own choice of drawers, shelves, trays, and other accessories. It can be stocked with alcohol, ice, spirits, mixers, and shakers- and there you have a minibar on wheels ready!
Thanks to its mobility, it can be used in various ways for lunches or evening get-togethers. The cart can even be stacked permanently at one place – say as a wine cellar in the kitchen or as a whiskey trolley in the living room. If, like us, you too are sold by the idea for the SkyCart, check it out in detail on

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