Douch Burger claims to sell the world’s most expensive burger

If you think New York’s Serendipity 3 Guinness Record winning burger is the most expensive in the world, it is in for some stiff Goth-style competition. Tagged as the Douch Burger, this “gastronomic delight” come from Franz Aliquo, who owns 666 Burger food-truck. Their Facebook page suggests that the burger “costs $666.00 and consists of a f*cking burger filled and topped with rich people sh*t. Kobe beef patty (wrapped in gold leaf), foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles, imported aged Gruyére cheese (melted with champagne steam), kopi luwak BBQ sauce, and Himalayan rock salt. It may not taste good, but it will make you feel as rich as f*ck. Douche.” That’s not all; it comes with a money-back guarantee too!

Once you are done, you are in for a surprise; you will find three $100 bills tucked inside the Pentagram-Stamped burger. “When you are done with it, you’ll have three greasy hundred dollar bills and have to decide what to do with them. That’s why it is called the Douche Burger,” says the owner. The shop has been in business for just a week, so they haven’t officially sold anything. But they do have many inquiries to boast about. As of yet, Douch Burger does not have a Guinness World Record to back it as the world’s most expensive.

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