Embraer has designed a private jet that has door sized windows

Travel is always a welcome experience, but flying? Not so much. From the stale air to cramped seats and tiny windows, everything about economy seating in planes is claustrophobic and uncomfortable. And while the stale air and seats aren’t necessarily going to get better anytime soon, the view certainly might. With their new Lineage 1000 business jet, airplane manufacturer Embraer is transforming the way people fly without compromising safety or efficiency. The private jet will feature large windows – the same size as airplane doors- allowing more light to flood the space.

Plane windows are usually created small so that they do not take away from the structural integrity of the plane or add weight. However Embraer has planned for their larger than life windows to go in places that would normally have been used for doors anyway. These windows would use modern anti-fogging protection and electrochromic glass to enable tunable tint and shading of the multilayer window. Electric shades would prevent any light from getting in when passengers are sleeping.
This jet will also feature some posh upgrades including a two person shower. Since the design has only just been created, Embraer is now waiting for an adventurous (and wealthy) buyer so that they can put their plans into action. Even if the experiment is successful, it’s unlikely that the large windows will make it to commercial planes for a few years still, but we can hope right?

[ Via : Wired ]

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