Along with in-flight showers and zero gravity seats, Emirates first-class passengers will now be offered at home baggage collection and boarding pass delivery

Just when you thought your flying experience with Emirates couldn’t get any better, the UAE carrier decided to pick up your bags from your home. First-class passengers in Dubai and Sharjah won’t have to wait to get to the airport to feel special. A new home check-in service will make you feel like royalty right in the comfort of your humble abode and for no extra charge! Business Traveller shared that travel formalities such as document verification, baggage check-in, and issuing boarding passes will all be done in your living room by the agents. They will also escort the luggage directly to the airport, where an allocated counter will take care of any last-minute extra luggage.

The Emirates first class suite

It indeed sounds like a dream, a perfect world where travel anxiety doesn’t exist, and First Class passengers go to the airport without their bags in a complimentary chauffeur-driven car. Those interested in home check-in must book the service at least 24 hours before departure time. This way, one skips the regular check-in counters and heads to immigration and security.

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Via – Twitter / Emirates

The insanely luxurious Emirates first class:
If this pre-flight service has you floored, it is only the tip of a very lavish iceberg. Well-heeled flyers enjoy a spacious 40 square feet, fully enclosed suites fitted with zero-gravity seats, virtual windows, and active noise canceling E1 headphones from Bowers and Wilkins. The entertainment system is among the best in the world, with a whopping 2,500 channels and a wireless remote. It is t be enjoyed on a super-wide 32-inch full HD LCD TV.

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The bar onboard the Emirates A380. Via – Twitter / Emirates

To top it all, when journeying in Emirates’ A380 first-class cabins, passengers can even shower at 40,000ft. As per Daily Mail, the A380 onboard lounge transforms into a take-away bar (with limited seating capacity and social distancing protocols in place). This social space serves wines, spirits, soft drinks, and pre-packaged lounge bites for customers to ‘take and enjoy in the comfort of their seats.’

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