Limited to just 300 elite flyers from a pool of 30 million members, Emirates iO is the world’s most exclusive and hard-to-get frequent flyer program. Ridiculous perks include the pilots waiting for you to take off and helicopter transfers to your destination from the airport.

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Emirates Airlines unveiled Emirates iO, the only new elite way for deep-pocketed frequent flyers to travel. Not only does it classify you as in the group of the airline’s most valued customers, but it also gives you an incredible experience that beats even the gold and platinum membership experiences. iO is an invitation-only experience for customers, nominated by Emirates’ president, Sir Tim Clark, to acknowledge their contribution to the airline, i.e., $1 million annually or more than 50 business or first-class trips. Sounds elite, right?

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That is precisely why those tier miles won’t work, but an invitation will. Expect high-profile figures, company head honchos, politicians, and celebrities to be part of the esteemed group restricted to 300 Emirates VIP passengers worldwide. With 30 million members enrolled in the Emirates skywards program, this group is limited to an incredibly exclusive group of just 0.000001% of members. Now comes the cherry on the cake- the perks of being an iO member. The welcome package includes an exclusive enrolment card, a stylish Mont Blanc wallet, an extra Gold card for any chosen individual, and a personalized welcome letter hand-delivered to the member’s doorstep, per Arabian Business.

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Members receive complimentary tickets to sporting events sponsored by the airline, such as Formula 1, football games, and golf tournaments. The out-of-the-world service will be valid for two years, after which a member is subjected to a review process for renewal.

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Being a member once does not guarantee a second turn. On reaching a destination, iO members are escorted out in a chauffeur-driven car or a helicopter ride from the airport.

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In addition, being an iO member entails having priority wait-listing and seating even on an overbooked flight. “Invitation Only (iO) is a highly exclusive tier membership within the Emirates Skywards loyalty programme that is limited to members who meet select criteria. To protect the privacy of our members and the integrity of the program, we are not able to disclose any further information about the selection process or membership criteria,” an Emirates spokesperson told Aviation Busines Middle East.

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Travelers can expect to savor food from their favorite restaurant 30,000 feet in the air and hold the power to board the plane at their convenience or make the pilot keep the plane for a few extra minutes in case of a delay. This beats every luxurious experience on land or air, proving that money, indeed, is power.

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