Etihad Airways introduces in-flight wellness ambassadors for stress free flying in the Pandemic

One can always trust Etihad Airways to come up with ideas that escalate its position as one of the best airlines in the world. When the world wanted luxury it gave us Etihad’s A380 ‘The Residence’ that had an en-suite shower, personal butler, double beds, and the works. In fact, they even added a concierge service for a wholesome experience. Now the world is confused and is asking for clarity, care, and guidance all of which can be achieved through the newly launched ‘Etihad Wellness’, an expanded health and hygiene programme and customer guide. Covid-19 pandemic has left this world an uncertain place. Traveling is no more an event people look forward to, it could well be the scariest, most gutsy thing to do today. But life won’t stop even for coronavirus. In such times providing comfort, relief, and correct information are the skilled Wellness Ambassadors that can be contacted directly 24/7 by emailing [email protected]. This dedicated multi-lingual team will offer reassurance to customers by sharing advice on travel wellbeing and details of the health and sanitization measures being implemented throughout their journey. Let’s replace fears with facts and travel with peace of mind that would’ve been difficult to find had it not been for this initiative by Etihad to provide essential travel health information and care. All important information that is to be known for a comfortable and reassuring journey can be gained through specially trained ambassadors. They will let you know about the high standards of cleanliness, health, and hygiene being applied at every stage of the customer journey right from culinary hygiene of catering services, health screening, crew interaction, arrival, and ground transportation.

The multi-lingual team will be introduced at Abu Dhabi International airport and on Etihad flights. Commenting on the initiative Tony Douglas, group chief executive officer, Etihad Aviation Group, said: “Providing for our guests, and their wellbeing, is one of Etihad’s core values, and we have a responsibility to protect them, to keep them fully informed, and to provide even greater levels of genuine warmth and personal care. We must guarantee they can travel assured in the knowledge that we have every aspect of their journey with us covered, while still providing a top-quality travel experience.”

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[Via: Business Traveller]

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