Is this the first class cabin of the future? The plush suite comes with a rotating leather chair, a chaise lounge that converts into a 6.6 feet bed, two LCD screens and twin privacy doors.

London-based aviation design studio Acumen has the power to ignite wanderlust in the most travel-averse people. With the newly revealed stunning renderings of ‘The First Place,’ a first-class suite that puts business class to shame, they have indeed raised the bar. Travelers who regularly travel in business class but don’t want to own a private jet just yet, The First Place is ideal for you. To learn what the future of first-class travel may look like, give your imagination a rest and check the image gallery below-

The First Place is the epitome of comfort and luxury with a leather armchair, an ‘innovative’ chaise-longue, and two privacy doors – a sliding suite door and a ‘rotating soft wall.’

In addition to two privacy doors, the space also includes two monitors. The large 32-inch LED screen is perfect for viewing from the chaise-longue, and the 18-inch monitor while seated in the armchair.

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The armchair looks like the most elegant piece of furniture in the cabin. It can rotate, recline, and double up in a formal dining and work position.

The chaise-longue undoubtedly is the USP that will make long-haul flights a breeze. For those unaware, Acumen pioneered the first ever ‘flying bed’ in 1995 for British Airways. Their expertise is evident in the suite environment that puts comfort on a pedestal. The chaise-longue converts into a 6ft 6in flatbed complete with cushioning for optimized sleep and relaxation.

The First Place’ is a hi-tech area with surround sound and noise-canceling technology built into the armchair wings. Similarly, the chaise-longue features heating/cooling technology, while the table/side furniture includes induction power charging. It may sound complex, but passengers can access these features with a simple touch-screen tablet.

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Akin to the comfy milieu of a home, The First Place incorporates our daily needs and habits. The suite includes a drawer in a bedside table, a sizeable personal wardrobe ‘lined in a luxurious leather,’ and space for luggage, leaving your personal space clutter-free.

The generous multi-purpose table can be used as a formal dining for two or a relaxed ‘Breakfast in Bed. The sliding ottoman/buddy seat lets your partner join you for a cozy meal or conversation in the skies.

“Our belief is the next generation of First Class seats needs to embrace the approach taken by Etihad and Singapore Airlines in providing separate seats and beds but designed in a more space-efficient way to fit all wide-bodied aircraft rather than just the A380,” stated Acumen.

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