First ever Budapest-Tehran luxury train ride could cost up to $40,000

By day you glide past sumptuous scenery of Central and Southern Europe, absorbing the classical culture and architectural masterpieces of some of Europe’s most magnificent cities. The following days will set you on a romantic exploration through captivating landscapes and charmed turquoise-tiled domes and minarets from Iran’s most poignant periods. Travel two continents in an old-fashioned way between Hungarian capital to Iran’s capital on a luxury train in complete privacy.

budapest-tehran-luxury-train-1The first even “Golden Eagle-Danube Express” train connecting Budapest to Istanbul made its maiden trip earlier this week, with the next one scheduled for March next year. The two-week trip will cross Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, and take passengers through the ancient Iranian cities of Shiraz and Persepolis before reaching the capital Tehran.

budapest-tehran-luxury-train-3The train comprises 13 wood-paneled 1950’s carriages and berths for about 70 guests that will remind passengers of the iconic Orient Express which last ran in 2009.

budapest-tehran-luxury-train-4The 7,000-kms ride operated by the private travel agency Golden Eagle could cost between $14,000 and $40,000.

[Via – Business-Insider]

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