Italian Carrier Air One to get LiveTV

Are you a movie buff or somehow who needs a crane to pull you away from your beloved idiot box? Then this dope will be most advantageous to you. LiveTV has entered into an agreement with leading Italian carrier Air One, to provide in-seat audio/video systems on the airline’s fleet of new Airbus A320 aircraft. The service will offer multi-channel audio and video programs from on-board digital servers displayed on individual seatback screens. This is the first time the LiveTV multi-channel audio/video system will be available in Europe. Under the terms of the agreement, it will provide the system equipment as well as Support and Content Management services. Its wireless aircraft data link will be installed on all aircraft, enabling fast content uploads and data exchange between ground stations and the aircraft.

It proves that the in-seat audio/video system has made conventional overhead video systems obsolete. In-seat systems will become the new standard for in-flight entertainment on single aisle aircraft. All those who find long journeys soporific can now exult and all those who hate reading now have a good reason to fly Air One.

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