Britain’s first luxury Mile High Club lets you get kinky in air

Ok so we’ve shot past the Valentine’s Day mark, and are soon going to be celebrating Women’s Day, but that is reason enough join “Britain’s first luxury Mile High Club”. And the company promises to get you there on your own private jet (No, it’s not for keeps)! So if you manage to get hold of a chartered plane, you’ll be greeted with complimentary chocolates, champagne and any song of Barry White. In fact you can ask for customizations such as “silky pillows, luxurious linen with an erotically high thread count, soft lighting and scattered rose pet“, and an open bar, but only for two.

However, not everything is hunky dory. After sitting you up in the VIP Lounge, you’d get to meet the Wish-certified pilot (but I’d suggest you look beyond his drop-dead gorgeousness and ask for his flying license too). And if you wish to “get naughty”, as the Wish expects you to be, on this hour-long flight you’d rather keep details to yourself! The entire (s)escapade will cost you just £5000 ($7500).

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[Available at Wish UK]