This sneaker from KLM is your unlikely ticket to the best museums in Amsterdam

Here to outrun many promotional packages and ad- gimmicks is Popular Dutch airline – KLM that recently offered 150 Amsterdam themed sneakers to passengers on a return flight to the city. While we’ve all heard of tourist-y offerings like special access cards, discounted tour packages and even colored bracelets being traded by companies in the past, KLM’s shoe-themed auction beats them all with an approach that is practical, unique and pretty much like nothing we have ever seen before!

To design the package deal, KLM tied up with Pool Advertising Agency to make The Amsterdam Sneaker theme a reality. The striking orange sneakers were built with extra care keeping in mind durability and extra strong grip as often demanded by travelling endeavors. As touted by Pool copywriter Ulf Rönnbäck, “We had the shoe made after a few criteria—it had to be durable since it really should be used for walking, it should support the foot, the outer had to be durable as well, as the weather in Amsterdam is not always sunny, and we figured it had to be able to bear a spill of beer too.”

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Furthermore, the sneakers came with a superior grip – perfect for Amsterdam’s cobblestone carved roads, and an orange hue that is reminiscent to the Dutch heritage. The wearers of these unique shoes will get access to a handful of museums and attractions in the city while also being able to contribute their bit to charity, with the proceeds of auction being donated by KLM to UNICEF. Looks like there were more reason than one to own these uber-cool sneakers!

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