Glamp in a glass box to experience the great outdoors in New Zealands PurePods

If camping is too pedestrian and glamping is not quite cool enough, then the best way to enjoy nature is surely using PurePods. Three New Zealand locations outside Christchurch are now home to this new kind of accommodation which seems to bring the scenic outdoors inside. PurePods are small glass-walled cabins that offer panoramic views no matter which way you look.

The cabin’s walls floors and ceiling all feature heavy-duty glass that offers unobstructed views.
PurePods are comprised of a single bedroom, a small kitchen and dining area, and a bathroom.
Though they give the impression of being a seasonal home, they are actually built with sustainability in mind and are suitable for use throughout the year.
When it’s hot outside, you can open up the sliding doors on three sides of the cabin and turn up the shade on the ceiling blinds. In cold weather, the home can heat up a bio-fuel fire.
To get to the location you need to drive out of Christchurch for a couple of hours and then hike to the cabin.
This is off-the-grid living at its finest!

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It may be beautiful, but it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted!

[ Via : Curbed ]

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