Not a Photoshop trick! Drone images reveal this small Italian town is indeed shaped like a man with outstretched arms

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Changing your POV (point of view) can reveal many remarkable aspects. Suppose the point of view is way above ground level. In that case, it unfolds the wonders of our planet like nothing else. a tiny island called Baljenac Island, located in the Šibenik archipelago near Croatia, earned the moniker of “fingerprint island” only after being observed from above. Its uncanny resemblance to a human fingerprint intrigued the world. A similar observation has revealed yet another exciting similitude of an ancient Italian village to a person. A small town called Centuripe, on the coast of Sicily, was photographed by a drone, revealing a five-pointed shape.

Local drone snapper Pio Andrea Peri, 32, first discovered the human shape of the town when looking at the town on Google Earth. The talented photographer stitched together several images to demonstrate the full shape of the town, which indeed looks like a person with arms outstretched. What was initially thought to be a five-pointed star or a swallow with spread wings, and even Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, on stitching the images together, finally looked like a silhouette of a man?

“The whole world was incredulous at the bizarre shape of this town, many did not believe it was true, and they thought that I had drawn the photo on the PC,” the young Italian photographer told Mail Online. “But when they realized the truth by searching on Google Earth, many of them personally apologized for what they said to me.” He continued, “It was a hard shot to create, and I had to use multiple shots because of the height limit of the drone. I overlaid about 18 shots manually in post-production, which took two hours of editing. I’m very happy with the result.” Centuripe is located in the providing of Enna and only has about 5,000 inhabitants. It lies on a ridge between the Dittaino and Cimento Rivers at an elevation contributing to its unusual boundary.

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