Pack your suntan – Tahiti and Bora Bora are gearing up for tourists

Don’t give up on your holiday hopes and wanderlust wishes just yet, traveling to an exotic location isn’t a dead dream. In fact, if reports are to be believed you could be sipping on some refreshing cocktails in French Polynesia as early as next month. French Polynesia made up of 118 islands including the fantastic Tahiti and Bora Bora is all set to reopen its borders; meaning people will be able to enjoy their green nature, coral sandbars, and whimsical overwater bungalows sooner than most will be able to decide on their holiday wardrobe! A holiday after the coronavirus pandemic does have to be the most freeing and special one of our lives but not without the utmost care and precautions. French Polynesian government has made it mandatory for visitors coming to the islands to take a COVID-19 test 72 hours before departure and provide documentation of negative results before boarding a flight. Even travelers who have battled the virus need to be COVID-19-free for three weeks at least and present an “immunity certificate” as proof. Tahiti Tourisme shared similar criteria and also mentioned they open their gates on July 15th but only to visitors coming from the U.S. and Europe for now. Precautions aren’t just taken before boarding a flight but also after landing, for instance, visitors will have to fill out a form with their itinerary and contact information. There are certain rules that aren’t really rules but something that has to be adapted to as a way of life; like wearing masks isn’t mentioned as a rule but is certainly highly recommended. Similarly, it is not reasonable to travel without insurance. Tourists need to be prepared for random COVID-19 tests four days after arrival. If a visitor tests positive, they will be isolated and their itinerary will be traced.

The sun seems to be shining brightly on us after all and the good news is French Polynesia isn’t the only place opening its picturesque doors; Caribbean islands, including the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Saint Lucia are reopening for visitors with similar regulations soon.

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