Royal Caribbean puts 80 Inch HD displays to create virtual balconies for cruise ship rooms without a view

Virtual windows and balconies that give a photographic illusion of a beautiful view of outside might be restricted to sci-fi movies till now, but Royal Caribbean is all set to unveil this high-tech feature on their cruise ship for those who can’t afford rooms with an ocean view. Passengers stuck in the bowels of Royal Caribbean’s latest cruiser, 15-deck Navigator of the Seas, will now get a feeling of living in high rooms with a beautiful view of the ocean as eighty-one interior staterooms aboard the ship are fitted with 80 inch HD display that displays real-time video to create a faux window.

An entire wall of the room is almost covered from foot-to-ceiling with the HD display which display real-time video from the bow and stern of the ship shot on RED Epic HD cinema cameras, augmented with audio. The passengers can choose from different views from different camera feeds using an in-room remote. The biggest challenge is to make the experience as real as possible for the passengers, and for that Control Group, the company behind creating the rooms, worked with experts from M.I.T and Harvard on a special fiber-channel delivery system. Navigator of the Seas with the eighty of the new rooms will set sail on February 5th for the first time.

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[Via – Royal-Caribbean-Blog]

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