Singapore Airlines launches in-flight connectivity with a $50 million investment

With airliners around the world starting to provide in-flight connectivity, it is important to understand that this is being done so that travelers, especially business travelers, are connected to their emails and cellular services even on the go. Singapore Airlines is the latest to introduce such an option with almost a $50 million investment. Available on 14 of their aircraft now, SIA hopes to launch the service on all their long-haul aircraft over the next two years. The airline offerings include the Internet, transmission of emails on smartphones and other electronic devices, and transmission of text messages.

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The airline’s promotional plan, which runs up to November 30, 2012, will charge customers $25 for 30 MB of data and $10 for 10 MB of data. At the same time, users on Singapore’s SingTel will enjoy a 40% discount on roaming rates on their SMS service and a 20% discount on incoming and outgoing calls. “There will be much more investment in the months and years ahead to keep our customers both connected and entertained,” said SIA’s Senior Vice President Product & Services, Mr. Tan Pee Teck.

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