Smintair- luxury airline all for smoking

More and more countries, states, cities, hotels and rail services have been inspired to prohibit smoking but perpetually there will be somebody who will walk against the trend. Even as U.S. towns such as Calabasas, California ban smoking entirely, German entrepreneur is all fired up about a business opportunity born from the anti-smoking trend, a luxury airline that allows passengers to light up. Alexander Schoppmann plans to launch the world’s first smokers’ airline Smintair (that stands for Smoker’s International Airways) in 2007, promising a return to the times before planes became smoke-free zones. As the World’s first smoker’s airline, Smintair is designed to give the traveller maximum pleasure out of their flight experience. Allowing the guests to smoke is one of the freedoms they’re geared up for.

Non-smokers will find the cabin air more refreshing than on any other flight with any other airline, as Smintair adds fresh outside air to the conditioning system! Each plan will only carry 138 people; the upper deck of the 747 will be a lounge, not jammed with seats. Fine cigars will be sold onboard as will exclusive jewellery and other luxury items. People allergic to tobacco smoke or rebellious anti-smokers are recommended to stay away.

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