Very soon, you may be able to take a carbon-neutral trip into space in a balloon with Mercedes-Maybach interiors

Now, embark on your space journey in unparalleled style as Mercedes-Maybach partners as an official chauffeur with Space Perspective, the world’s only carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company.

Traveling to space is a privilege in itself. However, experiencing space at the pinnacle of luxury elevates the experience to another level – pun intended. Mercedes-Maybach has entered into a partnership with Space Perspective, the world’s only carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company. Established in 2019 by Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, Space Perspective has revolutionized space travel, making it safe and accessible to adventure-seekers with their ingenious Spaceship Neptune.

So, how does Mercedes-Maybach fit into this celestial narrative? The luxury brand will be the official transportation provider for Space Perspective’s passengers, offering premium versions of the EQS SUV, including an exclusive all-black edition. Insider chatter even hints at the German luxury car brand having a hand in designing the interiors of the pressurized capsule. The storied car manufacturer will use its electric vehicles to transport Space Perspective’s clientele.

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“Our collaboration with Space Perspective will allow space enthusiasts to experience unparalleled luxury both on the ground and as they approach the boundaries of space,” expressed Daniel Lescow, the Head of Mercedes-Maybach at Mercedes-Benz Group AG.”Integrating our all-electric Spaceship Neptune with the all-electric Mercedes-Maybach signifies a sustainable and inspiration-rich future, enhancing the overall experience for our Explorers,” shared Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective.

“This alliance propels innovation and amplifies the strengths of both companies in electric automotive and space travel,” echoed Taber MacCallum, Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective. Spaceship Neptune, harnessing renewable hydrogen, will accommodate eight passengers for a six-hour journey, cruising at 12 miles per hour. The colossal hydrogen-filled balloon promises a breathtaking ascent, allowing passengers a glimpse of the Earth’s curvature and the vast expanse of space – a sight attainable at an altitude of roughly 100,000 feet.

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Beyond just sightseeing, Space Perspective has redefined celestial experiences by even offering weddings in space. Spaceship Neptune presents an unparalleled wedding venue, replete with awe-inspiring views, a minibar, and a discreetly placed lavatory.The company is gearing up for uncrewed test flights this year, with manned missions slated for 2024. The close of 2024 will mark the commencement of commercial flights, with over 1,650 eager customers having already secured their tickets to the stars. Anticipate a surge of Mercedes-Maybach vehicles at Space Perspective’s facilities in the near future.

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