Swarovski unveiled world’s largest Christmas crystal ornament at Hong Kong

Talk about Swarovski and I am sure our readers can rattle off a list of all those products decked with these much-famed crystals we spoke of earlier. With the Holiday season going on, Swarovski had to unveil something stupendous as part of its continuing Christmas tradition. Earlier this month, they unveiled the world’s largest outdoor Swarovski Christmas ornament in Hong Kong with Carina Lau Kar-ling. Made on the theme of Swarovski Christmas collection ‘Be The Star’, this ornament dazzles the exterior wall of Hang Lung Centre, further accentuating the Christmas mood of the city. The ornament stands over 6 meters tall and has as much as 1 million pieces of Swarovski crystals from Austria decked all over it. We don’t the exact cost here but it would easily run into millions.


[Via – HK-Digit]

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