This palatial 314-foot Expedition yacht comes with a lounge that is partly submerged underwater

Luxury and Design go hand in hand. And in focusing on this principle, a superyacht has been built with a prime focus on aesthetics to help guests enjoy the very best. We’re talking about Rimor X – a 314-ft. expedition ship that combines the world of luxe and technical prowess with features such as a mind-boggling underwater lounge of its own! Yes, that’s right!

A collaboration between Sturge Design and luxury travel company, Pelorus, the superyacht features a 21-ft.-high glass window, half of which is submerged and thereby allows a constant view into the marine fortress. Commenting on this, Pelorus founder Jimmy Carroll said, “Not all of the yacht’s guests might be extreme adventurers,” while further adding, “Some like small children or more elderly grandparents, can’t swim, snorkel or dive. This is a way for everyone to enjoy the water.”

The Rimor X further comes with a 33-ft. pool with its own cabana outside (which c doubles into a helicopter hangar with the touch of a button), a huge gym, spa and jacuzzi with fire pits; a “mud” room (where passengers can clean off from trekking through a jungle) as well as a range of paddleboards, jet skis, and a submersible. The luxe vessel can accommodate up to 14 guests in seven staterooms and is projected to have a top speed of 17 knots and a range of 10,000 nautical miles. Care to set off on a mega expedition?

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