With a sprawling hot spring facility with three saunas, layovers will actually be fun at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

I’m no soothsayer, but I know that Tokyo’s Haneda Airport will bag the world’s best airport title in 2023. My unwavering faith in the power of a hot-spring bath granted me this assertiveness. Confused? Haneda Airport Garden, a new complex boasting a new bus terminal, a rooftop spa, plus dozens of shops and restaurants, will be opened this month at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, currently ranked as the world’s second-best airport. It will be directly connected to Terminal 3 and include two Villa Fontaine hotels.

Should you wish to pamper yourself massages and ‘akasuri’ body treatments can also be arranged.

The 12th floor of the complex has grabbed our attention with a 2,000 sqm hot spring facility, Izumi Tenku no Yu, that will separate travelers and fatigue like the economy and business class. According to Timeout, you should be able to see the tip of Mt Fuji from the rooftop baths on a clear day. Open to non-hotel guests for an additional fee, the Spa Izumi at Haneda boasts four bathing zones available 24 hours a day to calm your weary muscles. Hot springs are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture and comprise mineral-rich natural spring water from a local source.

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Scheduled to open on the 31st of Jan this is what the Tokyo Airport garden will look like.

Other relaxing options include:
. An open-air bath.
. Indoor baths.
. A hot stone sauna.
. A regular sauna.
. A carbonated water bath.
. An icy cold plunge.
. A refreshing jet pool.
Gone are the days when long-haul flights were considered dreadful. Not only can you go all out pampering yourself the Haneda Airport Garden’s shopping mall aims to have something for everyone. There are 60 shopping stores and more than 20 restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and dining options.

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