Top 10 biggest malls of the world

Malls are shrines of magnificence, shopping mania, and perhaps one of the best ways to spend your day in the modern world. However, some malls definitely need more than a day or three to explore. Spanning millions of square feet, with ample entertainment, luxury, and amenities, these shopping destinations are more like major tourist attractions due to their size, diversity of offerings, and unique features. Listed below are some of the biggest malls in the world

10. Isfahan City Center, Isfahan, Iran-

This well-known shopping and entertainment center, located in Isfahan city, spreads across 5 million square feet. One of the largest malls in the country, it is humongous enough to house a large museum on one of its seven floors. Developed by Prestige Land Iran Co., Isfahan City Centre features a stunning 5-star hotel, more than 750 retail outlets, a hypermarket, restaurants, airline offices, and an indoor theme park with a roller coaster.

The list also includes a World Trade Center, seven cinema screens, and a fair complex. Aesthetically, what sets this massive space apart are thematic halls dotted with several entertainment zones. Isfahan City Center welcomes an incredible 80 thousand people daily.

9. Golden Resources Shopping Mall, Beijing, China-

Dubbed the largest mall in Beijing, Golden Resources Shopping Mall, built with a colossal budget of $535 million, occupies a site of 6 million square feet over six floors. Five times the size of the Mall of America; it features more than fifty categories of service, 1,600 well-known brands, and over a hundred restaurants to please gastronomes.

The opening of Beijing Subway Line 10 Changchunqiao station in 2012 improved access to the mall, which now welcomes 50,000 visitors a day.

8. CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand-

Going to Bangkok and not shopping is a crime, and not shopping at CentralWorld, the ninth-largest shopping complex in the world, is an even bigger one. The complex spans 8,900,000 sq. ft. and includes a 5-star hotel, a lineup of banks, beauty salons, 100 restaurants and gourmet eateries, and an office tower. With a whopping 500 stores, a 15-screen cinema, and unlike other malls, CentralWorld even includes two Hindu shrines.

There is plenty of fun to be had at the arcades, an ice rink, or the eight floors of pure recreation. The complex aimed to attract 150,000 customers per day. It is indeed the shopping paradise in Bangkok with the world’s third-largest H&M. Need we say more?

7. Istanbul Cevahir, Istanbul, Turkey-

Built on a 672,000 sq. ft. land plot at a cost of $250 million, this six-story shopping centre, once the largest in Europe, houses 343 shops, 34 fast food restaurants, and 14 exclusive restaurants.

Like most huge malls, Istanbul Cevahir also features 12 cinemas, a bowling hall, a small roller coaster, and several other entertainment facilities, but what really stands out is the 26,910 sq. ft. glass roof holding the second-biggest clock in the world, with 10 ft high digits.

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6. Iconsiam, Bangkok, Thailand-

This mixed-use development includes a massive shopping mall, hotels, and residences. The $1.5 billion project features the 70-floor Magnolia Waterfront Residences and the 52-floor Mandarin Oriental Residences.

The 5,650,000 sq ft retail area features Michelin-starred restaurants, parking lots with designated “Supercar” zones, more than 100 dining options, and 7,000 Thai and international brands, including Thailand’s first Apple store. What stands out amongst this fashion frenzy is Thailand’s first Takashimaya Japanese department store and Asia’s largest Adidas Original store.

5. West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada-

The second most visited mall in Canada, spread across 5.3 million square feet, is also North America’s largest shopping mall. Its vast space is divided among 800 stores, an amusement park, a golf course, and even a water park. The mall offers parking for over 20,000 cars and employs no less than 23,000 people. Everything about the West Edmonton Mall is large, including its footfall—over 2 million people monthly.

The mall, belonging to the Ghermezian brothers who emigrated from Iran in 1959, features two hotels and over 100 dining venues. Founded in 1981, the mall was the world’s largest until 2004. Other attractions include an ice skating rink, movie theaters, and a stellar underground aquarium. Umpteen reasons to visit WEM on your next trip to Canada, right?

4. Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates-

Despite a natural environment like no other, tourists often visit the iconic Dubai Mall before hitting the sand dunes. Known as the second-largest mall in the world by total land area, it sees unending foot traffic, and, speaking from experience, this is one place where you’ll definitely need your sneakers. Its vast area of 13 million square feet is divided among 1,200 stores, the Dubai Aquarium, an ice rink, and 200 restaurants.

The luxury quotient is high, featuring VIP valet service, ‘Shop and Drop’ with delivery, and an in-mall chauffeur service. In typical Middle Eastern fashion, the Souk Al Bahar showcases jewelry shops, traditional Arab clothing, and handicraft stores. In 2011, it was the most visited building on the planet, attracting over 54 million visitors each year.

3. South China Mall, Dongguan, China-

Dubbed ‘the mall of misfortune,’ the South China Mall is the largest shopping center on the planet. However, it remained mostly vacant for more than 10 years after its opening in 2005, which is why it was labeled a ‘dead mall.’ Flaunting 9,600,000 sq. ft., the mall is divided into seven themed zones, including Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice, Egypt, the Caribbean, and California. Features range from a replica of Venice’s St. Mark’s bell tower and the canals of Venice to an 82 ft replica of the Arc de Triomphe.

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This ‘Ghost Mall,’ spanning five million square feet of shopping area, was intended for greatness. A CNN report stated that large parts of the mall were reopened, revived, and buzzing with activity after extensive renovations and remodeling. As of 2020, the South China Mall, which features an IMAX-style cinema, theme park, and marine mammal park, was 91% occupied

2. SM mall of Asia, Pasay, Philippines-

Nestled in the Philippines’ Bay City is a mega mall developed by SM Prime Holdings, spanning 6,349,530 sq ft. It comprises four buildings interconnected by walkways. SM Mall of Asia boasts a large number of stores and boutiques, with 663 shops, including 217 dining establishments, a large IMAX theater, an ice skating rink, an interactive science museum, and the MOA Eye, a giant Ferris wheel offering panoramic views.

To appreciate the vastness of this shopper’s paradise, the mall features a 20-seater tram service for connectivity within the complex. There are 8,000 parking spots and a daily average foot traffic of about 200,000 people.

1.The Iran Mall, Tehran, Iran-

The most massive and magnificent mall in the world is located in Northwest Tehran, occupying an enormous area of 21 million square feet. With seven floors, this multi-purpose complex holds a Guinness record for the world’s longest continuous pour of concrete. The space is divided between 708 retail units, a museum, art galleries, and 12 IMAX cinemas, one of which boasts a seating capacity of 2,000. Other attractions include a traditional bazaar inspired by the markets of Tabriz, Isfahan, etc., that brings the past to life with historical patterns and Iranian architecture.

The modern side of the Iran Mall is showcased in a fantastic amusement park, rooftop tennis courts, a convention center, a hotel, and multiple conference halls. A must-visit for tourists is the Mirror Hall, glistening with over 38 million pieces of mirror, an ode to excellent craftsmanship. Unlike most malls, the Iran Mall even includes the Jondishapour Library, with more than 45,000 volumes of books, manuscripts, and documents.

The modern side of the Iran Mall is showcased in a fantastic amusement park, rooftop tennis courts, a convention center, a hotel, and multiple conference halls. A must-visit for tourists is the Mirror Hall, glistening with over 38 million pieces of mirror, an ode to excellent craftsmanship. Unlike most malls, the Iran Mall even includes the Jondishapour Library, with more than 45,000 volumes of books, manuscripts, and documents.

Update – The story has been updated on 30th January 2024 to reflect the current biggest malls in the world.

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