Winner of the most expensive speed-eating contest ate Caviar worth $5,000

Caviar is an expensive delicacy and enjoyed by many who can afford to indulge. Recently caviar worth $70,000 was put on a table for a speed eating competition in Moscow. And the winner Alexander Valov gobbled down 500grams of caviar worth £3,100 ($5,000) in just one minute, 26 seconds. In all, 12 contestants were chosen by lottery and offered a chance to win £211 ($340) and more caviar to carry back home. Competition organizer Alexander Novikov stated, “I once saw a report on how they made big chocolate truffles in Georgia and organised an eating competition. I remembered foggy Albion where they compete in nettle speed eating contests and hamburger (speed eating contests) in America. I thought, why shouldn’t we do our own, Russian competition? So it happened.”
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