Zimbabwe protests with the world’s first ever trillion dollar ad campaign

The plight of the Zimbabwean currency is appalling, and they seem to know this. The hyperinflation has left the currency in quite a state. The Zimbabwean Newspaper created an ad campaign featuring huge posters, murals, flyers, and even billboards all made out of trillions of Zimbabwean dollars to protest against this. This is a very creative way of bringing about awareness. The Mugabe regime has more or less destroyed Zimbabwe. It has lashed out against ‘the Zimbabwean Newspaper’ and imposed an import ‘luxury’ duty of over 55% on them, making the paper unaffordable for the average Zimbabwean. In retaliation and to increase readership, the Z$100 trillion dollar note campaign has been brought about. This note is worthless in terms of buying power, but it expresses Zimbabwe’s world record inflation and the fact that something needs to be done about the dire economic situation.

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