This serpent has a secret! Bulgari unveils four alluring variants of the Serpenti Misteriosi secret watches.

Watch enthusiasts are in for a treat as LVMH watch week commences with a bang! Bulgari is introducing four new Serpenti secret watches revisiting the iconic design from the 1950s. The first masterpiece of a secret watch debuted 80 years ago with a rectangular dial concealed by a hinged cover set with brilliant-cut diamonds and decorated with baguette diamonds. The new variants come equipped with the new Piccolissimo mechanical movement that boasts of being one of the smallest in the world. The Serpenti Misteriosi high jewelry secret watches are conceived and produced within the Bulgari Manufacture in Le Sentier. It’s a playful execution of technique and vision where pressing the snake’s tongue on the Serpenti Misteriosi opens the head to reveal the watch. The BVL100 caliber brings back the tiny mechanical ‘motors’ standard on all women’s watches until the early 1970s. The stunning serpent is back with four iterations that truly bring out the Bulgari brilliance with ornamented double-tour bracelets and color combinations that are the perfect marriage of visual splendor and fine jewelry craftsmanship. Let us explore these eye-catching examples of Haute Horlogerie:

103559 Serpenti Misteriosi High Jewellery
The watch comes decked in all black lacquer, within a 40 mm rose gold case that conceals the path-breaking BVL100 caliber. Achieving the glossy exterior is no small feat as the semi-transparent pigment is hand-applied and dried numerous times, crystallizing as it dries. The tiny mechanical motors measure 12.30 mm in diameter, and 2.50 mm in thickness are embedded in the reptile’s head. While this piece is predominantly all about monochrome impact, the eyes of the serpent are enhanced with two pear-cut diamonds measuring 0.3 ct each. Tiny, glittering diamonds surround the diamond-paved dial of this gorgeous black-lacquered rose gold double-tour bracelet. The slithering black beauty will sell for a staggering $166,000

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103560 Serpenti Misteriosi High Jewellery
This version is a diamond-studded beauty with a pave dial and uses a total of a whopping 369 diamonds equaling 8.35 cts on its 102 components. With this watch, the color of the season, green, appears on the metallic reptile. The 40 mm white gold case sits on a contrasting green-lacquered white gold double-tour bracelet. The exceptional timepiece comes with a mechanical manual winding micro-movement and a 30-hour power reserve like its counterparts. The watch that will make people go green with envy can be yours for $228,000.

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103558 Serpenti Misteriosi High Jewellery
The magic of color comes alive in this vibrant Serpenti Misteriosi High Jewellery timepiece. The metal scales feature an exquisite hand-made striped pattern and gleaming gemstones that enhance the unique décor. Turquoise inserts shine brilliantly against the 40 mm rose gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Complementing the turquoise stones to perfection are the two pear-cut rubellites for the eye. The beautiful blue of the turquoise stone is seen adorning the double-tour rose gold bracelet set with diamonds and on the hands. 724 diamonds are seen on the case, dial and bracelet which make it retail for an astounding $251,000.

103561 Serpenti Misteriosi High Jewellery
With 795 diamonds, this timepiece is the most ornamented piece of the collection. The dazzling diamonds envelop the 40 mm white gold case along with the head and tail set. The white gold case and head alone use a staggering 626 round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 15.83 cts. The only element of color witnessed is the two vivid pear-cut emeralds for the eyes. This ornate version will set its wearer back by nothing less than an astronomical $274,000.

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