Chanel debuts their Boyfriend watch inspired by masculine style

Chanel’s new Boyfriend watch is a perfectly chic and elegant take on the “borrowed from the boys” style that’s currently taking over the fashion industry. The watch is a neat and angular timepiece with an octagonal case (you’re forgiven if you think it’s rectangular at first glance) inspired by the brand’s No. 5 perfume bottle. It is available in yellow and white gold both with and without diamonds with a black alligator strap.

The case is a little larger than you would expect, but that seems to be intentional. In the campaign it becomes the perfect finishing accessory to simple outfits comprised of white shirts and heavy tweed coats. If it’s a no fuss look you’re going for, this watch needs to be on your shopping list. It has something of a timeless quality too, it’s not hard to imagine receiving this watch as a milestone birthday or graduation gift from a doting mother who perhaps wore it in her own youth.
In the spirit of simplicity, we’re picking the yellow gold sans diamonds watch as our favorite. Wear with a classic suit and wait for the heads to turn.

Prices range between $12,500 and $27,000 depending on the style.

[Via – Purse Bop]

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