Chanel’s new interstellar-themed watch collection includes a beautiful monochromatic desk clock with a planetarium-style time display

At this year’s Watches and Wonders show, Parisian fashion house Chanel released its new Interstellar Capsule watch collection inspired by “science fiction, space, and time travel.” Amongst all the exotic watches from the line-up, the one that caught our attention is an imposing desk clock the Lion Astroclock. The new horological creation might remind you of the Chronosphere Clock that was released by the brand in 2018; after all, Swiss clockmaker L’Epee is responsible for the development of both the astronomical-themed desk clocks. The Lion Astroclock features Chanel’s typical styling highlighted by a monochromatic look for the sculptural timepiece which has been by a matte black finish for most surfaces.

Measuring around 35 cm in height, the clock is comprised of a glass sphere that encloses the clock and a rectangular base that acts as the foundation for the entire creation. Housed inside the glass base is the sculpture of a lion, which is a reference to Coco Chanel’s zodiac sign Leo.

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The clock features a planetarium-style time display in which hours are indicated by a diamond-set star on a globe that serves as the hour scale. The minutes are indicated on a matte black finished disc with a hand shaped like a constellation with diamonds acting as stars.

The movement for the watch was developed by L’Epee and sits exposed under the beautiful three-dimensional time display. Only five examples of the Chanel Lion Astroclock will be made, each priced at $350,000.

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