Chic Catena Wall Clock made of bike chain costs $2,300

If you are trying to liven up your living room with something rather out of the ordinary, you could get this cool and strange-looking clock. The clock features time on a bike chain. The bike chain is connected to a motor, and it reveals the time in an almost accurate manner. Please note “almost accurate” as it just can’t be as accurate as your digital watch or even the grandpa clock you inherited as a legacy of your family.

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Dubbed Catena Wall Clock, it looks like it is made from scraps but costs $2,300. It is certainly one of the more expensive clocks around, and if you are looking at making a style statement, this might be what you need! You could also check out other luxurious clocks like the Hermes Full Leather Table Clock, which I am sure is going to create an aura of richness around it. The Hermes travel clock looks pretty cool too!
Via: Oh Gizmo

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