Esports fashion gets a game-changer with Gucci’s $1600 Fnatic dive watch

Is Gucci trying to emulate Louis Vuitton? First, it was their foray into the gaming world by creating exclusive virtual outfits for one of the most loved online games Tennis Clash and now its amping its sporty styles with a run of limited-edition dive watches. Gucci has unveiled a partnership with Fnatic, collaborating with the esports entertainment brand to create a special-edition Gucci Dive watch. Before we dive into details (pun intended) I would like to begin by saying this watch looks fantastic with the gaming company’s black and orange color palette. Combine that with the flair that comes into everything Gucci and you have a limited-edition winner. I confess to being a fanatic of Fnatic’s signature colors but there is so much more this sporty watch offers than just good looks; its super sturdy for one with a 40mm stainless steel case. It features the esports team’s logo along at the 6 o’clock marker, a bezel, and indexes with the signature orange and black color scheme and of course Gucci’s signature “GG”. The conventional rubber strap makes complete sense as it serves the purpose of being lightweight and practical on both land and water and the watch remains water-resistant to a depth of 660 feet. The black rubber strap perfectly complements the color scheme of the limited edition sporty watch.

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Only 100 individual timepieces will be made available and they’ll cost around $1,427 each. pre-orders are open now and this Fnatic x Gucci dive watch is available on the Gucci web store.

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