From Rolex to Omega to Patek – This Toronto baker has the Internet hooked on to her watch cookies

It’s human nature to want to eat something up when we find it endearing; it could be a pet, it could be a baby, or even a dress. Can we say the same about watches? Absolutely! Why else is this ‘Watch Cookie’ baker becoming an internet sensation? Meet Toronto baker Lindsey Gazel who is gaining popularity for turning our beloved Rolex, Patek, and Omega into edible treats. All she needs watch lovers from around the world to do is send her a model image, and Lindsay makes it for you. Interestingly, not everyone wants to eat these sugar cookies that will easily last a month, but some hold on to them for years as keepsakes. Gazel usually makes them about 5 inches tall to make clear, detailed cookies which are finished with edible shimmer powder mixed with peppermint flavoring that lends a shimmery gold or the silvery look. Lindsey has received many watch requests from around the world, with Rolex, Jacob & Co., Cartier being the main ones.

She has worked with other brands like Stüssy, Aimé Leon Dore, Chanel, Hermès, and Rowing Blazers. The watch cookies sell for $4 apiece and are shipped worldwide. A sweet bargain compared to the actual time-telling counterparts.

[Lindsey Gazel Via: Hodinkee]

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