Hermès has launched its most stylish Apple Watch straps yet

If you’re an Apple fan who wants to up your watch’s style quotient, here’s what you need to do! Get your hands on Hermes’ new uber-chic Apple watch series 8 that is inspired by the brand’s equestrian heritage and spells class like no other! Featuring a playful watch face and refined straps, the accessory is a perfect ode to luxury done right. The Lucky Horse Face Apple Watch includes an apple and a horseshoe in a playful blend. Its background colors can be updated based on the wearer’s preferences and when the watch strikes 10:10 its hand forms a harness on the horse’s head.

In addition to the single tour straps, there are also two new straps – the new double tour Gourmette band which combines leather with a metal chain inspired by equestrian curb link chains and the H Diagonal strap with 1,300 individual and precise perforations that connoisseurs can get their hands on.

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Further, the launch of the Apple watch series 8 straps is accompanied by an updated leather case for the Apple Air Tag. Featuring symbols of a house, a bicycle, or a boat printed on the key ring case in swift calfskin, the quirky accessory deserves a fair share of attention too.

Both the Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 and Apple AirTag Hermès will be available for order online from 7 September 2022 and for sale from 16th of September.

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