In a first for an airline Cathay Pacific appoints swiss watchmaker Bedat & Co as their official timekeeper

Airlines don’t usually officially appoint timekeepers, but Cathay Pacific is ready to break with tradition. The Hong Kong airline have made Swiss watch company, Bedat & Co., their timekeeper; this is the first such appointment by an airline, but it is part of a partnership that began several years ago when Bedat & Co. became the time sponsor and the brand of choice in all Cathay Pacific’s international in-flight airshow time displays.

Watch companies are usually known for their partnerships with sporting events and associations with celebrities and athletes. This partnership with an airline is unusual and so it stands out. But with both brands being committed to high quality products and experiences rooted in innovation and customer satisfaction, their ethos is certainly similar enough to beget a relationship.

The next question is, will Bedat & Co. give us some luxurious travel inspired timepieces soon?

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