Lamina Nixie Clock fuses the Art Deco, Industrial and Steampunk look all into one

Nixie tubes that put up electronic numerals take you to a very retro place in life. While incredibly rugged to look at, Lamina Nixie Clock, which artist Zoltan Acs has handcrafted, is quite a work of art! Crafted using walnut and maple woods, the clocks feature brass gears and disks to give it an “Art Deco, Industrial and Steampunk” look all at once. The clock is powered by an antique Russian Nixie vacuum tube that gives out a bluish LED glo,w and the clock also comes with an alarm function to wake you up.

This stunning piece of workmanship is perfect if your room has a “Dexter’s lab” or “Jimmy Neutron” theme running and is priced at €1,100 ($1500). If you want something purely made in wood, then the Classic Russian Wooden Clocks is a classy option, then there is the Siegelson’ vintage Art Deco clock, or even the Chic Catena Wall Clock that can catch your fancy!

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