Lamina Nixie Clock fuses the Art Deco, Industrial and Steampunk look all into one

Nixie tubes that put up electronic numerals take you to a very retro place in life. While incredibly rugged to look at, Lamina Nixie Clock which has been handcrafted by artist Zoltan Acs is quite a work of art! Crafted using walnut and maple woods, the clocks feature brass gears and disks to give it a “Art Deco, Industrial and Steampunk” look all at once. The clock is powered by antique Russian Nixie vacuum tubes, that give out a bluish LED glow and the clock also comes with an alarm function to wake you up.

This stunning piece of workmanship is perfect if your room has a “Dexter’s lab” or “Jimmy Neutron” theme running and is priced at €1,100 ($1500). If you want something purely made in wood, then the Classic Russian Wooden Clocks is a classy option, then there is the Siegelson’ vintage Art Deco clock, or even the Chic Catena Wall Clock that can catch your fancy!

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