Limited Edition Healey Chronograph Zooms In

Limited Edition Healey Chronograph commemorates the Le Manns challenge which is a unique event reuniting over 180 Austin Healey Cars and 400 enthusiasts from over 10 different countries, including Australia and the U.S.A! Just mentioning “Le Mans” is sufficient to prick the ears of any motor racing aficionados. The high-quality watchmakers Frederique Constant are producing a limited edition chronograph to coincide with their sponsorship of the Austin Healy Le Manns challenge. The Austin Healy Le Manns challenge took place in France this year 2006 during the month of July. The watch was introduced during the event and is available in a limited edition of 1888 in stainless steel and 188 in rose gold. A miniature Austin Healey is included with the watch in the wooden box.

Frédérique Constant’s slogan is ‘Live your passion’. It is only a natural combination with the passion that can be found at the “Healey Le Mans Challenge”. Frédérique Constant appreciated and recognized this intense passion of the Healey enthusiasts as it is the similar passion that they share for their watches. Timepieces are limited editions because the movements for these watches are very difficult to produce.

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