LL Picks: The 7 best jewelry watches of 2016 – Grand Prix D’Horlorgerie de Genève Finalists

The lines between high jewelry and watches are increasingly blurring as watchmakers go to greater lengths to create timepieces that are as beautiful as they are complex. And of course, the best of the best are given a place in history as recipients of the Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Genève, one of the most prestigious awards in the watchmaking industry. For this article, we’ve rounded up 7 bejeweled timepieces that are finalists for this coveted award; these awe-inspiring watches that are high on shine, design, and style.

7. Voutilainen “Scintillante” | 285’000 CHF ($294100)
423 gemstones with 9.65 carats of sapphires and 0.55 carat of F-G if-vvs diamonds adorn this timepiece and an invisible setting technique couples with stones that were specially cut for certain parts of the watch result in a timepiece that stays true to form without ever compromising on function.
6. Graff Princess Butterfly | 180’000 CHF ($185,800)
With a delicate 3d butterfly decked out in scintillating diamonds taking center stage, this is a captivating timepiece. The artistic bracelet is transformed into a dramatic watch with the push of an innovative, jeweled mechanism that reveals the 17mm watch dial set with mother of pearl.
5. Bulgari – Serpenti Incantati | 80’000 Chf ($82,600)
Bulgari may have switched up their classic Serpenti watch designs, but rest assured Serpenti Incantati is a gorgeous piece of wrist candy. With 251 diamonds on the case and another 116 gems on the dial, this icy watch steals the spotlight every time. The brand’s signature snake retains its flexibility making it easy and comfortable to wear.
4. Chopard – Precious Chopard Watch | 349’800 CHF ($361,200)
Chopard’s Precious watch is a dazzling dance of gemstones captures in a case shaped like a blooming flower. This is the very epitome of couture with colors and shapes employed meticulously to create a refined but fanciful timepiece. We guarantee, every time you look at this watch you’ll likely forget to check the time.
3. Hublot – Big Bang Impact Bang | 650’000 Chf ($670,800)
It’s not often that you’ll come across a watch that draws inspiration from an explosion, but Hublot’s creation clearly references the legendary “big bang” that it’s named after. The entire watch case is close-set with diamonds in abstract shapes, like shattered glass or parts of a glittering mosaic. The watch has an amazing 115-hour power reserve and a tourbillon at 6 o’clock.
2. Chanel – Secret Watch “Signature Grenat” | 759’000 CHF ($783,300)
Chanel’s Signature Grenat Secret Watch will make gemstone lovers feel like kids in candy stores. This jewel in the crown is definitely the 43.6ct sugarloaf morganite which acts as a cover for the watch dial so that your favorite watch can do double duty as a fancy bracelet.
1. Audemars Piguet – Diamond Fury | 529’200 CHF ($546,100)
Featuring 4,635 brilliant-cut diamonds and a design that’s plucked right out of a sci-fi novel, this timepiece is a horological masterpiece. It took over 1,500 hours to complete and manages to steal your breath away every time you look at it.

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