9 months in the making, entrepreneur, and influencer Manny Khoshbin finally got delivery of his unique Jacob & Co. watch customized to match his $4 million Bugatti Chiron Hermes Edition

Via Facebook / @Jacob & Co.

Real estate mogul and car collector Manny Khoshbin has become one of the most well-known automobile influencers over the last few years by posting videos on YouTube that mostly revolve around his own exotics cars. However, the internet celebrity also recently picked up a taste for ultra-high-end mechanical watches and even compared the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail with the world of rare and hyper-expensive automobiles. This led to an interesting collaboration between Khoshbin and Jacob & Co. for a bespoke Bugatti watch. He even posted a video on YouTube at the beginning of this year describing the whole process of working closely with the famous watch brand for a unique watch that matches his bespoke Bugatti Chiron Hermes Edition. After waiting for almost a year, Manny Khoshbin finally got his hands on the one-off Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron watch earlier this week and its looks stunning!

The Bugatti Chiron by Jacob & Co. is available in multiple different versions, ranging from jewel-encrusted variants to jaw-dropping transparent sapphire crystal adaptations that offer an unhindered view of the watch’s mechanical bits. However, Khoshbin was offered the choice to completely customize the look of the watch according to his taste and liking.

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Via Facebook / @Jacob & Co.

After several design iterations and subsequent changes made according to his wishes, the final look was agreed upon around 9 months ago and Jacob & Co. got down to creating Khoshbin’s unique masterpiece. The car collector posted a short Instagram video a few days back giving us the first proper look at the one-of-a-kind timepiece. The case and the buttons of the highly-customized watch are rendered in the same Hermes craie color as his bespoke Chiron, while the pistons inside the miniature W16 engine on the dial are in rose gold. It also gets the red and blue colors of the French flag. Furthermore, the caseback has been customized for Manny. The transparent sapphire plate is decorated with a detailed horse pattern and commemorative ‘1-of-1’ engraving. The price of the watch has not been revealed as of yet but we expect it to be close to the million-dollar mark.
Via Facebook / @Jacob & Co.

Manny Khoshbin’s love for Bugatti hypercars
The Iranian immigrant turned real estate tycoon has a crazy collection of some of the wildest and most expensive hypercars money can buy, which include several bespoke creations customized to his taste. From a sinister-looking McLaren P1 to a beautiful Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition, Khoshbin owns the rarest of rare automobiles that can easily fetch millions of dollars. However, his love for Bugatti amongst other manufacturers is well known. He owned at least four Bugattis in his collection: a regular Veyron 16.4, a Mansory Veyron, a Veyron Rembrandt, and a bespoke Hermes Chiron. Although, he recently sold two of them.

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