Maybach Tourbillon watch – captivates like its vehicles

With time much is left to chance and destiny, but not with Tourbillon which truly means- an alloy of gold, silver and copper moving in a circular motion ! The intelligent mechanism, the magnificently tuned processes, and the interaction between the minute individual parts make a statement of consistency. Intended to resist the effects of gravity and other disturbing factors that matter for the accurate performance of a timepiece, Tourbillon is just as fascinatingly and exclusively as the sedan of the same name. There is no tool that works with the flexibility, sensitivity, and attention to detail as the human hand. According to Wilhelm Rieber, it is the most important of the watchmaker’s tools. Encased in an 18carat rose gold case is 12 cylinders with a power reserve of 40 hours and 17 rubies that convert the nickel-silver association into an accurate instrument.

The straps are made of crocodile leather with an 18-carat rose-gold clasp. Alternative materials, decoration and watchstrap are available on request. Promising accessories include diamonds set into the dial, watchstrap or bezel, case deviation in platinum or white gold; monogram. The price for one of these rare pieces amounts to 120,000 Euro excluding VAT ($ 153,000)

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