New Hamilton Ventura Elvis Anniversary Collection

Presented at the Baselworld fair earlier on this year, the Ventura Elvis Anniversary collections celebrate Elvis Presley’s upcoming 75th birthday on January 8 of 2010. Two varieties will make up the collection. The first will replicate the original Ventura model that Elvis wore during the shooting of Blue Hawaii, while the second revives the futuristic and innovative spirit of the original model.

The XXL Ventura will surely attract most of attention as it offers a large case and a new design. The Ventura of the 1950s broke ground by being the first electronic wrist watch. In order to highlight this advancement in horology, Hamilton’s designers conceived the watch’s futuristic style case. In the same spirit, today’s designers meant to highlight the originality of the Ventura by creating a new, contemporary version. The shield shape remains, but on the XXL the size of the case is much bigger and the contours of the case much sleeker. The stepped lugs are slanted and the lines of the crown integrate seamlessly with the three o’clock marker. With a specialized black rubber strap, which also follows the lines of the case, the XXL Ventura Elvis Anniversary offers a more contemporary view of futurism with a better integrated and more pleasing style.
To pay tribute to the Ventura that started it all, Hamilton is also offering a replica of the original watch, which will run on an ETA quartz calibre. The iconic triangular shape, thin bezel, and stepped lugs are revived with a stainless steel and a gold PVD versio. Both of these models come with a matching two-tone leather strap or the less traditional elastic metal bracelet, which Elvis Presley had had fitted onto his watch at the time of purchase.
The XXL Ventura will be produced in limited quantities until the end of 2010, when it will be discontinued. Contact us for more information.

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