Opus 6 , a watch virtuoso from Harry Winston

Yet another tourbillon? Yes indeed, but as one has come to expect from an Opus, this is not just any tourbillon. Truly novel and totally apart, Opus 6 makes its own distinctive contribution to the quest for precision. This double tourbillon reigns supreme, freed visually as well as from the going trains thanks to three-time display counters for the hours, minutes, and seconds. In a word, the ultimate tourbillon system! The Opus series for Harry Winston has produced some of the most phenomenal timepieces in history. Designed and built by “mechanical architects” Robert Greubel & Stephen Forsey, the sixth in a series of collaborations with independent watchmakers taking complications to a new level of complicated.

The Opus 6 is a massive white gold case which seems to contain nothing but a tourbillon; but on closer examination, one can see that it is no ordinary tourbillon, in fact not only is it a double tourbillon with a one minute cage rotating inside a four-minute one, but the whole cage is also inclined at 30° from the horizontal. The twin attributes of a double tourbillon and the 30° incline combine to produce a machine that is essentially immune to any positional errors. There is a band of polished gold running through the face of the watch which also forms the number 6; this is to signify that this is the 6th Opus watch, that they are in the 6th year of the third millennium, and that the total number to be produced will also be just six, making this the most exclusive model of the Opus series yet to be produced. First deliveries are expected in June with the rest following at 6 to 7-week intervals.

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