Patek Philippe has invested in Geneva-based jewelry brand Salanitro which is a leader in jewelry creation and gemstone setting in the world of Haute Horlogerie

DJ Khaled wearing a Patek Philippe 5980/1400R Special Edition Nautilus Chronograph with Baguette Diamonds. Via - Instagram / DJ Khaled

With the coming together of two independent Geneva-based family businesses, Salanitro and Patek Philippe, the world of Haute Horlogerie will forever change. Patek Philippe has acquired a stake in the jewelry design and gem-setting firm and raised the bar of creativity, innovation, quality, and craftsmanship. The esteemed watch-making brand ranks among the most iconic watch brands in the world. The thirty-year-old brand Salanitro shares the same ethos as Patek Philippe- respect for tradition, service, and a sense of responsibility towards its customers.

Thierry Stern commented: “We believe that this is a great opportunity to contribute to securing the future as well as the continuity of a Geneva-based family business to which we are close, and with which we share the same values of excellence, independence and family spirit. We are delighted to further strengthen our ties with Pierre Salanitro.

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His well-run business is ideally positioned to continue to grow and develop its production capacity in the jewelry watch segment, which offers significant potential for development.”

Pierre Salanitro added: “I am very proud and delighted that Patek Philippe has acquired a stake in my company. Patek Philippe is an emblematic Manufacture that represents the ideal partner for securing the firm’s future. I have great confidence in Thierry Stern and his team to continue our activities and guarantee jobs beyond generations.” It will indeed be remarkable to see the creative yield of the long-standing friendship and trust between Pierre Salanitro and Thierry Stern.

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