Popeye Yachtmaster Rolex Watch lets the sailor keep a check on time

Popeye, the sailor, is a hero in his own world. Always found with a pipe in his mouth, this comic character finds a way out of hopeless situations by munching on a can full of spinach. But now he has found a place to rest on your wrist too. Dr. Romanelli has teamed up with Bamford Watch Department to customize a Rolex that features Popeye. It just hurts to know that the Popeye Yachtmaster Rolex Watch worth $32,400 is out of stock as of yet.

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Along with Popeye the Sailor, Bamford Watch Department has recruited one more iconic military character, the Beetle Bailey, to serve as the inspiration for an exclusive Americana and military-themed watch collection. The back of each watch will be engraved with the Dr. Romanelli logo and numbered edition. Each watch comes with a custom comic strip and, through an innovative packaging concept, the collection stays true to the classic properties and celebrates both the Army and Navy.
[Gizmodo and Justoneeye]

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