Richard Mille, whose cheapest watch costs $80,000, has opened its largest and first-of-its-kind store in Singapore. Three years in the making, the store has a sports bar and 11 lifestyle spaces inspired by Prohibition-era bars.

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Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille has just opened a new flagship store in Singapore. Located in Singapore’s posh Orchard Road district, the massive 7,500 sq ft St. Martin flagship is the largest and the first-of-its-kind Richard Mille boutique in the world. The lifestyle-oriented store’s design and architecture are inspired by the secret cocktail bars of the Prohibition era. Conceived by the brand’s in-house architecture team from its Paris headquarters, the flagship boutique was built over a period of three years. Guests visiting St Martin will be welcomed by a long corridor that leads to the boutique’s central hub, which features an impressive library. Designed to look like a comfy but luxurious living room, the room has curved floor-to-ceiling shelves showcasing a curated collection of books on a range of topics.

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Alexandre, brand director and Mille’s son, said: “This place must feel like entering the mind of Richard Mille, the man. We sought to define his most important ideas and inspirations. My father has an insatiable curiosity, an incredible capacity for openness, even though his extremely generous and humane personality is also very complex. The idea was to sum up this multifaceted personality in one place.”

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Image – Richard Mille

He further claims that the future Richard Mille boutiques or spaces will not replicate the beautiful design of the Singapore store, which will remain unique. “We never want to be too comfortable and copy-paste the concept everywhere else in the world. What we will take from this space is the thought process of designing it and how it inspired us and translated that to other locations,” he added.

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The library has access to 11 different spaces, including a sports bar, a dining room, an outdoor Moroccan-inspired patio, and even a hidden library. The open crafting space is a highlight, where the brand’s watch experts will offer after-sales service to clients right in front of their eyes. The dining room or restaurant, on the other hand, features a massive six-meter oval table and is connected to a seamlessly integrated professional kitchen.

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Image – Richard Mille

The entire flagship store is a work of art and embodies Richard Mille’s philosophy. The brand was founded in 2001 by Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille. It is based in the town of Les Breuleux, in the Canton of Jura. The Swiss company is known for its avant-garde watches that are incredibly light and shock-resistant, making it perfect for those who live a sporty and adventurous life. Richard Mille has supported many sports celebrities since its inception. Back in 2021, it also became the title sponsor for the Ferrari F1 team.

Image – Richard Mille
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