“Talk to Me, Harry Winston” will take your breath away

Most of the luxury watches I write about are usually for men. It is sporadic for a ladies’ timepiece to capture my attention. But one look at the “Talk to Me, Harry Winston” watch from Harry Winston, and I knew it deserved mention. Just the right combination of shimmer and class, this watch is the best accessory for any elegant lady. A jewel, it boasts of an 18k white gold case bearing 290 applied diamonds. Flaunting a satin strap and powered by a Swiss quartz movement, this beauty is just perfect. Glittering in diamonds, it will mesmerize you with its unique mechanism.

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There is a roller on the side of the watch that can be spun to reveal the entire title of the watch and the 24 diamonds on the ring, as spin around the watch case. A true gem, it promises to match any ladies’ style and personality.
Also available is a version with 340 diamonds on the case, for those who wish to outshine the rest. A masterpiece, it is the most elegant and extraordinary timepiece that will enhance your woman’s beauty. Expect a release at Baselworld soon.

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