The $500,000 MB&F HM6 Alien Nation timepiece comes with a crew of tiny gold aliens

MB&F has introduced four limited edition watches that are based on the one of the brand’s more outlandish creations, the HM6. First launched in 2014, Horological Machine No.6 is one of MB&F’s most radical designs to date. The aptly-named HM6 “Alien Nation” watches are limited to only four units which are all a little different from each other. For the Alien Nation watches, MB&F took the HM6 Sapphire Vision timepiece as the base and added small, hand-carved-from-gold extraterrestrial aliens on the movement. But instead of a grooved gold or platinum caseband that holds the sapphire tops and bottoms together in the SV variant, the Alien Nation has a sapphire midcase and only the lugs are in metal.

The watch has 12 separate sapphire components that can take up to 510 hours of machining and polishing to create. A total of six alien “crew” have been added to the timepiece who appear to pilot the spaceship. Outside the case there is the captain sitting up front, and the rest of the five are hidden inside the case doing everything from working on the time display to lounging around. MB&F credits engraver Olivier Kuhn for the micro-sculptures and each is made of solid white gold with deep black eyes. The necks of the aliens are so thin that they’re slimmer than a single grain of sand, and each can take up to 34 hours to complete. The entire HM6 Alien Nation watch itself is 50mm wide by 51mm tall and 22.7mm thick. The four unique HM6 Alien Nation pieces retailed for $500,000 each, though one collector purchased all of them in advance.

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